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How many controls owned by the IAAS provider?

 What is Iaas?

 Cloud computing has changed the way we use the internet. Social media platforms and online storage options such as Dropbox and Google Drive are all 'cloud-based', which means that they are in large data centers around the world. This data is stored separately from your own internal hardware. As we mentioned, using a provider of IAAS reduces or eliminates business needs to host their own physical stores. Most of the time, it reduces overhead costs and increases flexibility and responsiveness to growth. All IAAS services require a reliable data connection (internet), so business data can be transmitted to and from your business device and storage center. All processing, cybersecurity, hosting, and data reserves are treated, separate from your business place. It offers certainty to business owners with a little understanding, a smaller budget, or doubts about negotiating the online regulatory environment. Recent research also shows that "72% of information technology professionals believe Iaas makes it easier to innovate", which is another proof of the flexibility and scalability of the technology.

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How involved do you want?

When businesses are used to maintain their own data center in place, their IT team is given a lot of autonomy. In fact, the IT team truly controls hardware, software, and how often updated. This means that customization is endless; however, it also spends a lot of time and some budgets. When you outsource your data center to a Cloud-based company, you lose a lot of control. When you interview prospective providers, make sure to ask them about the access level and customization available. You will soon find out whether their preferences and products are in synchronization.

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How many controls owned by the IAAS provider?

Sometimes, data centers can be like wholesale: companies that have infrastructure sell space for third parties, who continue to sell them again into smaller businesses. This can work well if you are looking for a combination of service at a single price but may have weaknesses. If there are technical problems, your third-party seller might not be able to fix it yourself, which makes you both stranded until wholesale fixes the problem. Ask your service provider how much control it has, what level of service agreement they should follow, and what they can do if a system failure occurs.

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How flexible Can the IAAS provider?

Different providers will have different abilities regarding their ability to respond to change. Some providers offer relatively static services, which can attract business owners who do not think the operating requirements will change a lot. Other businesses oriented to innovation are far more oriented and will require support to use the technology that appears and the SaaS platform. It is very important for you to communicate your needs and your potential to use cases to your prospective provider, and see if they can meet them or will be willing in the future. Make sure you consider additional fees if your service level increases over time.

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How expensive is it to use IAS?

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The upfront fee builds a very high in-house data center. A lot of the time, the IAAS package looks attractive compared. However, they are vulnerable to creep expenses, as add-ons and upgrades can be included while traveling. Just like cheap airline tickets, the basics are provided, but adding extras will be charged an additional fee. Make sure you know what you get for your expenses, and don't be afraid to reject the service if you are not sure whether you really need it later. It is always a good idea to audit your relationship with the provider you choose regularly so that you only pay for the service you actually use.

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What different learning styles?


Learning style theory is heated between teachers and psychologists who question the accuracy - with some psychologists calling the 'myth' learning style.


So maybe a better way to think about this will learn preferences: how people feel like learning and maintaining information. Anekdot, this is something we have. So let's look at various types of learners that you might encounter at work.


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Visual student


Learn by looking

People who prefer to learn through visual means tend to like images, diagrams, and graphs to visualize information. Using a mixture of colors, tones and shapes to present information can help more visual students better understand and remember it.


How to use this in business: Think about how you present data. If you have facts and numbers to report, can you put it in a visual form too - like a graph or graph? Can you avoid 'death by PowerPoint' that is feared and refreshing your template, or even spinning into an alternative presentation tool at all? This will help you stand out.

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Whether presents to other business leaders, pursuing sales opportunities or just marketing your services online, videos, and infographics can capture your attention and imagination of your audience - especially if they are visual students.



Hearing students


Study with hearing

People who prefer to learn by listening tend to like hearing information that are presented to them rather than reading it elsewhere. They may be the type of person who prefers to pick up the phone and have a conversation than a message or email back and forth.

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How to use this in business: embrace the strength of people. Hearing students tend to develop in meetings and get the most out of verbal presentations, so don't be afraid to make people together to have a direct or virtual chat in real-time if you need their opinion.


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In addition to in-people's communication, media like videos can help study hearing information. If you train new members of staff with this learning preference, for example, recording shopping videos or software guides or your product can help you get speed at the right time and show best practices from the first day.


Verbal student


Learn by reading and writing

People who prefer to study verbally tend to interact with information through written words. They tend to be the type of person who can absorb information properly through reading articles, whitepers or other written instructions and often found to make notes or lists with their own words to help them maintain information.


How to use this in business: remember written advanced. Keeping a thorough written note for yourself and your colleagues to refer can not only help document everything you learn, but it makes new staff up or even more consistent process customers.

It supports lawyers and lawyers

Law firms have unique IT requirements and we help small and medium companies achieve a strong and safe IT system that makes their work easier. We understand the general challenges of lawyers to face regularly, including legal representative issues around divorce, judge ratification, and injury to property.

You want to provide the best legal service to your clients, so we want to provide the best support for you.

Our legal IT solution

Although every company is different, we usually offer recovery of reserves and disasters, VoIP and telephone, Cyber ​​and GDPR security, and cloud solutions to lawyers and lawyers. Our services are always unique to your company's requirements for divorce, treatment, injury, property, or legal representative department.

Backup and disaster recovery

What happens to all your data when there is an accident and your system goes down? We consider this question and provide a strong answer so you don't have to worry about making your company back and running after the disaster.

VoIP and Telephony

Legal companies You need to stay connected - to clients, other companies, and a number of other personnel or officials. Modern telephone solutions that provide quality and more clear mobility are VoIP. We will help you install and maintain your internet telephone system.

Cyber ​​Security & GDPR

Securing data and privacy is a big problem for law firms. With our bespoke solutions, we will keep you safe and comply with GDPR.

Cloud Solutions.

As a lawyer or lawyer, your work often takes you away from the office but you still need access to email, documents, and other resources. Cloud solutions from extraordinary support allow.

The best solution for your law firm?

Not every law firm is the same, each has a bespoke need. Lawyers facing clients need a good VoIP phone. The company requires leading cybersecurity in the industry for handling GDPR data and compliance. And every law firm must have a backup plan if they need disaster recovery for unexpected incidents.

Our services will meet the needs of your various departments, ensuring that your entire company is covered with a unique IT solution.

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IT support company in USA , new York

 Microsoft has added a breakout room to the team to allow the committee meeting to divide the main feet into smaller sessions for focused discussions.

The host meeting from the end of November 2020 can make a breakout room for use by meeting participants for smaller group discussions. They can assign participants to a room and call them back to a larger group when the breakout is complete.

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To view the breakout room option in your meeting, you must enable a new team meeting experience in your general settings and check the option "Turn on the New Meeting Experience", then restart your team's clients. All participants, including meeting organizers, must use the latest version of the team in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

For the committee meeting, once you are in a meeting, you must see the breakout room option next to the control of the hand.

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The options included in the new breakout feature are quite extensive and some are arranged below:

Features available for organizers:

Breakout room settings on team desktop clients

Create a breakout room in a scheduled private meeting (including repeated) and a personal meeting now meeting

Meeting organizers can manage rooms and jump between rooms freely

Breakout room settings during active meetings

Create up to 50 Breakout rooms in one meeting

Add, Delete, Remove Breakout Rooms

Change room name with your choice title

Retasken the room participant from one room to another before and while the room opened

Space transition: As an organizer, you can decide whether the participant is moved to the room automatically when you open the room, or, if they need to confirm the steps. "Automatic recipient" settings are available per meeting.

Send an announcement that will appear as a message chat message in each room.

Chat, file, and recording: Only organizers will always have access to all artifact meeting rooms

Features available for participants:

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Join the breakout room of the web, desktop, iOS, iPad, Android phone and tablet. Note that the organizers cannot move participants who join through telephone tables or team devices join the breakout room, they can remain in the main meeting as their Breakout Room.

Participants joined the room as a presenter, so they can present, share blackboards, etc. Free.

Participants cannot add other people to meet chat, copy the details of the meeting, encourage others to meetings, or use "call me back"

Hope among rooms: Meeting participants cannot return to the main meeting or among their own rooms. They have to wait for the meeting organizers to pull them back to the main meeting.

Chat during the breakout session. Chat and artifacts distributed during meetings can be seen for participant rooms.

Chat, file, and recording: Participants have access to artifacts, but only organizers who have access to the link - if the link is shared by the meeting officer, then the participant will have access

Multi-Device Join: Breakout Room is not supported when participants join the same meeting and the same account from several devices

This new breakout feature is clearly designed to help normalize work-from-home experiences because of Covid-19, where usually in meetings and face-to-face conferences, releasing sessions will occur in a separate room.

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What must be issued by the budget in 2021?

 Budget and covid-19

Go to 2020, businesses are generally optimistic about investing in them. With technology that changes fast, it (and still!) It is needed for business to prioritize IT investment to modernize and grow their business, ensuring not to outperform more competitors who understand technology.

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However, the Covid-19 pandemic throws a curveball ball, affects the way almost every single business can operate throughout the 2020. It concerns the relationship between technology and workplaces. On the one hand, businesses are hesitant to invest in it in an effort to cut costs and protect themselves. On the other hand, they need to invest in technology to facilitate effective long distance work, improve cyber security, maintain functionality, and develop in line with technological advancements and customer expectations. What is not realized by many businesses is that investing in technology can prove more cost-effective - you only need to ensure that you apply the right technology, at the right time, with certain goals in mind.

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A report by SpiceWorks Ziff Davis found that the size of the industry and the company on a large scale affected the reluctance or openness of the business to invest in the next year. Overall, they found that 51% of businesses in the financial services sector were set to expect significant increase in revenue, which meant they had a greater plan to invest in technology and modernize business processes. In addition, they found that the medium business (with between 100-999 employees) is likely to increase IT spending to improve long-distance work practices and adapt to changes made due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Companies that have the ability to prioritize and invest in it next year must really do it. Technology develops exponentially and is one of the only sectors that do not slow down because Covid-19. Thus, you need to consider whether it is worth the risk of delaying investing in it and loses to competitors who prioritize technology.

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Businesses that have a more limited budget need to consider their options and prioritize the most important areas for them. Consider what it doesn't impact if you don't invest in any way? Can you pay a data violation fee because technology is outdated? Can your team function effectively while working from home or they need additional support?

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General Motivator to invest in technology:

Increase the remote serves to ensure the team can operate as usual if necessary

Improve customer experience by making you more reliable, efficient, or unique business to work with

Flatten the process to save time and increase efficiency

Maximize cyber security to prevent possible data violations

Cut costs, keep your business financially

Automating the process, giving your staff more time to work on important tasks and upskill

Outperform competitors and establish yourself as a market leader

Reach more potential customers

Make sure you comply with regulations and compliance

Encourage business growth, in terms of size and income

Improve employee experience, make it easier to attract and maintain staff

TI equipment (laptop, pcs, keyboard, webcam, etc.) for remote workers

Cloud computing software to make data more accessible and safe

Collaboration tool to ensure staff remain connected while working remotely

Digital transformation In line with market trends and business goals - work to streamline the process, improve efficiency and revolutionize business through technology - you can find out more about digital transformation by downloading our ebook by downloading

Cybersecurity solutions to maximize protection with respect to long-distance work and compliance

Increased training to support remote workers

Fully managed to support to advise on how technology can facilitate goals and help businesses to grow after challenging 2020

Budgeting and ROI.

Outside the office how IT support works

1. Use public Wi-Fi

If employees work outside their homes, eg. In Coffee shops, restaurants, or hotels, they will likely connect to public Wi-Fi. This public Wi-Fi hotspot is very common and easy to connect to. People often connect on their cellphones without really thinking twice about what they connect.

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Employees must be alert about inserting any valuable details when using a public connection, eg. login details or financial information. This is because this network security is often minimal and sometimes does not exist. Thus, connecting to public Wi-Fi brings with extraordinary risks that can cause business data to be stolen and used with evil.

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2. Leave a laptop or cellphone in vulnerable places

Devices that are lost or misplaced can cause your business data to fall into the wrong hands and, in the end, place your business security at serious risk. If the hackers can steal devices with sensitive business information about them, they can easily get this information and use it with evil.

3. Share passwords

Sharing passwords with other people dangerous, even if you believe them. While you can control who you share a password, you cannot control who will continue this information. This can cause potential data violations, for example, if an employee leaves a business on a bad record, with knowledge of an important password, they can act with evil intentions.

4. Use their own device without business security steps that are appropriate in place

Using personal devices for work purposes and storing company data to personal devices can place your business with risk. For example, this device can be sold, forwarded or discarded in an insecure way. Connecting personal devices to business networks can also deploy malicious programs and viruses to business hardware.

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However, it allows employees to use personal devices for work purposes can also be very useful. It can give employees more freedom in terms of where they work and when, for example, allow them to send emails through their telephone while on the train. You only need to be sure that you have the right cyber security measures to facilitate BYOD (bring your own device) work practices, such as Microsoft Intune - which you can find more about here.

Cyber ​​security quiz.

5. Using the wrong cloud service

There are many cloud computing options out there that provide an easy way to store data in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere, anytime. Using Cloud for data storage has become very popular because of the flexibility, adaptability and efficiency they provide. But you need to make sure that your employees use the right cloud computing solution to maximize security.

For example, many people use services such as Dropbox in their personal life as a way of storing and accessing data through the cloud. While this is often okay for personal use, and even though employees may have the best intention, they should not use the . If they do it, you and your business will not have control over this data or how this is used, which can pose a big risk of the security of your business.

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6. There is no passcode on the smartphone

Business data can now be easily accessed on cellphones, specifically with access to emails and documentation through the cloud. And, generally, professionals do use their cellphones to complete e-mail or refer to files when they are outside the office. But if business data is accessed on a cellphone, you need to make sure that employees have a powerful and secure password on this device as a minimum.

It supports London companies can rely on

Reliable IT solution, safe is very important to run your business. With more than 20 years of experience that provides expertise for London's business, CITC is your ideal partner to support IT, maintenance, and projects.

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CITC works with your main decision maker to identify how IT services can support a broader business strategy, and to ensure technology is fully applied to help achieve these goals. Our very qualified engineers can recommend new technologies that increase cost efficiency and cost control and ensure that they are deployed safely too.

All we do is designed to help your business achieve more - Your success is our success.

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It supports support

Cost-effective coverage for all your IT problems. Your support contract includes special consultants and account managers, which are supported by fast response times when you contact us and unlimited remote support. Because the CITC is fully responsible for all your systems, we are a single contact point for each blackout, failure, or related complications.

It's security security

Protect your company's data from unintentional losses, or intentional theft, with IT security services from CITC. By applying the principles of best practice, we can ensure that your IT infrastructure and data are fully guaranteed to meet industry standards including general data protection regulations and the PCI DSS framework.

Consultation consultation

Add the IT team in your home with the skills and skills of CITC support consultants. Our technical experts solve complex problems and disseminate solutions that will give back time to your business and allow you to achieve your strategic goals. Do you need technical support in an urgent place, or assistance with special IT projects, we are here to help.

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It relocated relocation

When moving the office, you need your IT system to go up and run as soon as possible.  We will even transfer internet services and your phone to make a relocation process without pain.

Specialist Specialist Cloud Specialist

Remove the power and security of the cloud to change the way your business uses it.  CITC will help you identify the perfect cloud platform, and help you spread it for maximum strategic benefits.

Reserve & Disaster Recovery & Recovery Disasters

Your business is fully dependent on IT and data for daily operations. CITC will help you design and implement a reserve solution and disaster recovery that aims to minimize the termination and prevent losses. We will also test your plan to ensure it functions as referred to before you need it.

Network service network service.

Make sure your IT network runs optimally with network support and network consulting services from CITC. Our engineers will carry out routine network maintenance and problem solving to increase resilience and speed. Our team which is expert field engineers are also available for the spread of new networks and improvement projects.

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Services Servicestelephony Telephony.

 London IT supporters can build a telephone system for one office or help compile a low-cost platform that can support many buildings and workers in the field.

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What a better way than reaching them through their cellphones!

 Add marketing with charming customers

Augmented Reality (AR) appears as a popular trend between marketers and sales strategists, in an effort to provide customers with unique and interesting experiences with comfort held in campaigns with their cellular devices.

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Cellphones and tablets have become very common and are considered as one of the most significant forms of media where people interact with each other, and with brands. Cellphone-based applications and advertisements increasingly encourage purchasing decisions. AR gives organizational tools that are useful in encouraging sales and increasing brand value through cellular devices.

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Someone who averages spend at least one hour a day using their cellphone.

What a better way than reaching them through their cellphones!

Are you wondering how AR can drive sales? Here are some proven ways in which organizations have succeeded in increasing their marketing efforts with AR.

Try before they buy

Customers like to try the product before they buy them. The test-drive, trial room and cosmetic sammeter package is proof that people want to try the product before they make a conscious purchasing decision. With the problem of cleanliness and security that occupies the mind of the customer after a pandemic, people are looking for a touch-free way to test the product before buying it.

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Ar Commerce.

By using AR strength, prospective customers can virtually try makeup, clothing and accessories. Various products related homes such as carpets, pillows and even furniture can be tried or virtually tested. AR removes or reduces the need for physical trials and allows customers to try or exemplify dozens or even hundreds of products just by clicking on their mouse.

Visiting Virtual Stores

People around the world refrain from visiting shops and malls for fears related to Covid-19 pandemics. Business companies now actually carry shops to their customers' homes through augmented reality. Customers can open applications, choose products and even virtually try their products before making a purchase.

Hyundai, Mercedes and other automotive brands are currently testing the idea of ​​visiting virtual performances and tests through augmented reality. Mercedes even launched AI Assistant and AR interface that helps customers almost experience car features. This initiative makes people feel connected with the brand and can encourage sales.

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Create Buzz brands

Brands can promote themselves through augmented reality. For example, in Singapore, the health promotion authority creates a campaign where the QR code is placed on a container or packaging of healthy food choices.

Virtual Reality (VR) – Where Technology Meets Art!

 What if we tell you that you can offer your customers the best of both worlds? The feeling of art who is very immersive together with the sophistication of modern cutting-edge technology! It sounds like a dream, right? Well, of course it is possible to bridge the gap between art and technology thanks to the latest developments in virtual reality (VR).

Virtual Reality (VR) has developed into such a height which is difficult to understand what cannot be done with it. Now, it has pushed a further barrier and entered art!

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Let us explore how various art sectors utilize virtual reality to advance their desires, raise funds for charity and generate income for commercial purposes.

Make art galleries accessible

Virtual realityvr.

Not long ago, the world's separate art gallery and technology. As far as someone demands another. However, with the emergence of virtual reality and the implications without limits, both parties have gathered as a beautiful conglomerate. Starting with an art gallery.

If you run an art gallery, or you work for one, then you understand the value that people walk to your gallery. People who see and embrace the art of various artists have the potential to increase the mountain to keep a good job. In addition, artists will be happy and motivated in their work when there are more people to appreciate them.

Virtual reality allows art galleries anywhere in the world to dramatically extend their reach by making it accessible to all! Because, when it comes to art, it is not just about putting it there for people to see, but also about evoking the deepest emotions you want to convey and stimulate the creative senses of the human mind. This can only be possible with VR.

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Allow artists to create a new world

We all know how artists and creative people can change the blank canvas into an enchanting masterpiece! But have you ever wondered what an artist can do if the whole world is a canvas? Virtual reality can bring this to reality too.

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By just wearing glasses and with some more accessories, artists will set in this new virtual world, where they can create and make the new world from their imagination without technical expertise. In addition, artists can do this not only in two dimensions but in the three dimensions.

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But what implications are held for business throughout the world? Well, the answer is fun.

The use of such VR can find applications in the game industry, product design industry, design thinking methodology and more.

software testing companies in India

 Digital utility companies use smart meters and smart boxes, digital productivity tools for employees, and automation of back-office processes to overcome the risks and threats that are common in the industry, while also facilitating smooth service delivery to customers. It requires them to be updated with any changes in real time and have the ability to analyze real-time data for effective decision making.

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In addition to leveling infrastructure grids, digital utility companies invest in digitizing their back-office processes such as billing, invoice management, service tracking, and account management for higher agility and productivity. To efficiently track the scale of large activities, they need a strong application that can increase demand and performance under high load conditions.

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While digital companies utility encourage innovation as core practices to serve their customers better, they need support for software quality assurance practices to ensure that their digital efforts produce the desired results. Despite digital innovation opening a new road for E & U businesses at various levels, utility application software testing makes checks at the base level to ensure that the application works well and performs well on all aspects.

Examples of how QA supports the Utility Industry Digital Initiative

Cloud performance testing ensures the simultaneous user scalability for the leading provider of home heating & comfort systems

The leading provider of home heating and comfort systems with the top HVAC systems, furnaces and air conditioners wants to ensure the best performance for all their products and applications facing the client.

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Because this application connects all company stakeholders and attracts many activities, providers want to test system performance at 50,000 simultaneous users in the application environment built in SQL and IIS. They need a strong and low-cost load generation environment and formal processes, which will help them identify performance congestion and link test results with production data.

By applying a load making strategy that supports cloud and a strong and maintainable performance automation framework, clients can achieve:

25% increase in hardware performance

Optimization of 20% of server performance and simultaneous user scalability

30% increase in server response time

Reduction of overall performance testing costs

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Proprietary test automation framework increases cross module test coverage for the largest independent supplier of energy handling services & materials

One of the largest independent suppliers of energy handling services & materials in the northeastern region and US Atlantic wants to automate the testing process in all their application modules.

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Because there is no process or a predetermined test framework, changes that often occur and renewal in terms of causing severe data validation challenges. The company follows the agile development model and requires support to fight the crisis of the QA resources in their in-house team to carry out testing automation on their complex legal applications.

After standing their testing process with the implementation of the test automation framework, checklist, guidelines, best practices, and reusable templates, suppliers can realize the benefits of:

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60% increase in automation coverage throughout the application module

30% reduction in test execution time

75% reduction in test efforts with test automation

50% increase in application quality through proactive testing

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