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How to set up Hotmail SMTP server settings


SMTP settings for Hotmail email account

Hotmail email service is one of the most common mail services used by clients on a global level. Hotmail webmail service that stands provide distinctive compared to other services that the reason to gain more popularity and fame through Hotmail emails between people.

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If you want to do a Hotmail SMTP settings, then you need to follow the procedures easily and quickly attainable by anyone if they want to.

How to set up Hotmail SMTP server settings

Hotmail server settings must be configured correctly for the proper functioning of the Hotmail service. It is important for users to set the SMTP Hotmail to Outlook to synchronize Hotmail with Outlook account.

Hotmail SMTP settings iPhone

In this case, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to setting up your SMTP server settings Hotmail to iPhone.

The first step to set up a Hotmail SMTP server settings is to launch the Settings app on your device and open the email, contacts, and calendars that you will find in the settings.

After clicking it, you will get the option to add an account. Click it.

After clicking on the add account, where you have to choose another option.

After selecting the other options, select add an email account in which you have to enter various details required including, email address. Therefore, enter your email address and click next.

After entering your email address, it will prompt you for a password. Therefore, fill it out and after this, you must enter a name and description.

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After entering all these details, you should choose IMAP you will get under option from the incoming mail server where you need to enter a few details including hostnames as; username as your full email address and password as your password in accordance with your email address.

After this, you must enter the details below outgoing mail server that you will get by scrolling to the bottom of your screen where you must enter the hostname as; username as your full email address and password in accordance with your email address.

After entering all these details, you should keep it. Therefore, click save.

Once you save them, a new screen will appear in front of you where you have to choose your email address.

After selecting an email address, scroll to the bottom of your screen and select SMTP, you will get under the outgoing mail server options.

After entering all the details, select you will get under the main server and the information displayed under it has to port 587 and SSL server as to be enabled.

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After selecting, click on done, which will take you to the previous screen where you must select forward and the need to ensure that the information displayed under it have to port the server as and SSL must be activated.

After this, you need to go to the previous screen and need to reboot your device so your Hotmail SMTP server settings for the iPhone will get completed.

Hotmail SMTP settings

Hotmail SMTP settings vary for different devices.

In order to configure a Hotmail account, one important step is to set the SMTP settings.

SMTP settings for different Hotmail for iPhone, Android and Windows.

Hotmail SMTP settings mac

The process of setting mac Hotmail SMTP settings are the same as the process of setting Hotmail SMTP settings iPhone.

The reason for having the same process is that the graphical user interface is the same for both the Mac and iPhone.

Therefore, Mac users can also follow the processes mentioned above in the section of Hotmail SMTP settings iPhone.

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What Hotmail SMTP configuration

In this case, you’ll find step-by-step guide to setting up your SMTP Hotmail configuration for android.

The first step to set up a Hotmail SMTP server settings is that you need to go to your email application where you have to choose the setting. In the settings, you need to add a new email account.

After clicking on the add account, you need to select another option from the list given.

After selecting another option, select the add mail account and there you have to choose IMAP.

In this case, you must enter your full Hotmail email address and password. After entering all this, click on the setup manual.

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When you click on manual setup, you will get incoming mail settings on your screen where you need to enter a few details including the incoming mail server as; username as your complete email id and password as your password in accordance with your email address. You will get a choice of ports of entry where you have to insert 993 and the type of security, you must enter the SSL.

After this, you must enter the details below outgoing mail server that you will get by scrolling to the bottom of your screen where you must enter the server details out to; username as your full email address and password in accordance with your email address. You will get the option to port out where you need to insert 587; The authorization is required you must enter yes and the type of security, you must enter the SSL.

After adding all the details click save and enter your preferences on your screen to appear and give a personal name to your account.

After following all these steps, you will be able to set your SMTP Hotmail settings.

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How to set up Hotmail SMTP server name:

To set the SMTP server name Hotmail, users need to open the Hotmail SMTP configuration panel, which you will find in this part of your application. When you open it you have to enter some details of which are given below:

In Hotmail SMTP server name, you must enter

In Hotmail SMTP user name, you must enter your full email address from your Hotmail account.

SMTP Hotmail password, you must enter your password according to your Hotmail email account.

In Hotmail SMTP port, you should enter 25 or 465.

After adding all these details, you need to select security and authentication. By adding these details you will be able to configure the SMTP Hotmail. If you get a question about your SMTP settings Hotmail settings 2020, then you can contact the customer support service Hotmail.

Performance testing Company in new york , USA.

performance testing software checks the actual software to the specifications mentioned before it is being built. The most basic function is to serve as a diagnostic tool to spot problems in communication. Scott Barber, a well-known test expert, said that it is difficult to determine an exact definition for performance testing because it works differently in different situations and various other companies.

What performance testing software?

Typically, software performance testing conducted to validate and verify software quality metrics such as durability, reliability, scalability, etc.

This software will experience a variety of load conditions and the response and the output will be measured to determine various factors.

Typed performance testing software

However, each company uses different types of test performance depends on the testing environment. Here is a look at some of the popular performance testing:

1. Load Testing

One of the most basic types of performance testing, load testing inspection method software load increases until the threshold is reached. Increased load means an increase in the number of simultaneous users, transactions, and the behavior of the software under test situation.

The main purpose of testing is to observe the response time to ensure that the software can withstand a load at any given time, which is why it is also called Volume Testing.

2. Stress Testing

stress testing is another common method of performance testing that check the stability of the software when the hardware including the CPU, disk space, and memory is not stable. This is a negative test where the software is loaded with a large number of concurrent users that can not be handled by the software.

This is the kind of non-functional testing because it tests the non-functional aspects of a website or application, which is done under controlled circumstances so as to capture the scenario definite and fix them.

This particular brand of testing using tools like sharpers stimulator of traffic and speed.

4. Durability Testing

In the endurance test, the software is tested with a fixed amount of load for a long period of time to observe the behavior of the system. For example, if the software is designed to work well for four hours, endurance is to be tested for a double time, which is eight hours.

Types of performance testing is used to check whether there is any system failure or memory leaks. durability testing is often referred to as the soak test.

5. Spike Testing

This test is done for longer periods of time to work anticipated. Any behavior that is not known tapped and improved upon.

6. Smoke Testing

In the smoke testing, the software is run on a very small load, which is much less than usual can handle. If the test produces smoke, then the software has errors in his writing.

This is one simple test that is used and usually the verification tests are performed before the software is launched or a larger test run.

7. Capacity Testing

As simple as it sounds, capacity tests is one in which the software is tested to handle the load required at any given time. When you know how many users the software you can handle, you have a better visibility of future events which may limit the application or website. This is a confirmation test to avoid problems in the future, especially when you want to increase the volume of data.

8. Component Testing

inspection of components function testing a specific part of the application or website. This simple but important aspects of the test, including file upload, a shopping cart, email functions, features graphics or search function.

9. Highlight Testing

In testing the top, you expose software by increasing the burden for small and peak time at the same time to analyze how the site or application will behave in real-life situations.

10. Scalability Testing

This kind of performance testing is usually performed during software development and prior to launch. In testing the scalability, you check how the site or application is a program that other software will be added to the server or to find a way to improve loading time. The main purpose of the test is to determine what tops the software will prevent more scaling.

Common problems observed during Performance Testing:

conducted performance tests to ensure the system is free of errors, so ready to be launched on the market. Let’s look at some common problems you may encounter during performance testing.

1. Poor Scalability

This system is not capable of handling the desired amount of load that delays the loading time leading to unexpected benefits that can affect memory, CPU usage, disk usage, network configuration, and operating systems.

2. bottlenecking

This problem occurs when the data stream is stopped or interrupted due to the site or application is not capable enough to handle the load.

3. Not enough Hardware Resources

This means that there is a shortage of hardware that generates a lack of memory and CPU is not doing well.

4. Software Configuration Problems

This is a minor problem that occurs when the configuration settings are set lower than the system can handle. All you have to do is customize the software configuration settings, and it will work fine.

Here are Some of the Best Practice Software Performance Testing:

1. Run the performance tests as early as possible in the development process, so you can do a small test that success rather than one that will have many problems.

2. You have to remember that the test performance is not only for the whole system, but can also be used to test each piece.

3. You have to do some tests on one part to ensure that the test results are consistent.

4. Make sure you always involving IT developers and testers in the process so that all-around process and you do not need to continue between the two departments.

5. Before the test, make sure that you are in need of internal/external or a combination of both are required.

6. The design of a high-level plan before exam

7. Develop a script for a proof-of-concept for the application under test

8. Configuring the router configuration, database test set, the network is quiet, the test environment, etc.

9. Prior to the actual test dry run tests to check the script is correct or not

Software performance testing process

1. Identify the Test environment identification- physical test environment, the equipment needed, and objectives that need to be achieved.

2. Identify the performance acceptance criteria — Characteristics such as response time, throughput, and the intended use of resources and constraints

3. Plan and design tests- Prepare test environment, select the desired tool, designing strategies, etc.

4. Configuring the test environment — Prepare the necessary resources to carry out the test

5. Carry out the test design — Developing the design according to the design of test

6. Run the test — Run, the monitor, validate and collect the tests and the test data

7. Analyse the results of tests, create reports, and retest — Consolidation of test data and analyse it. If tuning is required to do that and go for a re-test.


Software Performance testing is a key process that can determine the success of your software. If you want to know how your application can perform in the real world talk to us!

Role of Test Automation in Agile and DevOps


Agile Environment

Under the agile environment with a repeated and incremental model in place, test automation delivers quality at a speed in the sprint, because the functions can be developed and tested quickly. It is common that the fielding team scattered across geography and infrastructure arrangements in, it becomes an expensive deal. But cloud-based test automation tool allows teams to access the tools from any device, and collaborate to achieve the ultimate goal to provide a quality product.

It has also been observed that under scenario nimble, the number of tests continues to increase exponentially at every iteration and automation tools will efficiently deal with it and ensure the early market. In addition, under Agile, you can automate functional and regression tests to ensure fast and precise product options as per the requirements.

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What 5 Ways to Make a Successful Test Automation in Agile?

Implement Parallel Testing:

In the agile methodology, continuous-release in several iterations may cause the team to pass the test automation quality standards. By following parallel testing with the development cycle, it helps to identify bugs, fix the problem, and test them effectively. It will be an efficient way to improve productivity and avoid last-minute surprises.

Automation Adopting the Right Tools:

It is important to choose and invest in the right automation tools to validate the tool’s ability. It is necessary to ascertain whether the selected automation tools meet the expected features or criteria for successful test automation under an agile environment.

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Keeping a small test case:

It is important to run small test cases. This will eliminate unnecessary data that may not add the difference with or without the addition of data for the test case. In addition to this, a smaller test case to help make changes easily in accordance with the requirements of regression testing.

Monitor Environmental Development:

It is important to continue to monitor the developers and development environment to understand the function. There are a number of stages in the software development process — it consists of a network, back-end to front-end system architecture, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the functions and their relationship with product development. This will help to focus on product quality rather than searching through the data a different bug.

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Implement Quality Testing:

Developing a robust test is an important factor to create success in agile test automation. This will help developers to create quality scripts that can easily integrate with regression testing. The script tests should be flexible to meet the requirements regression testing meets the criteria of accuracy, portability, integrity, portability, performance, etc.

Environmental DevOps

To achieve speed and agility in DevOps, it is important to automate all of the testing processes and configure them to run automatically when the deployment is completed in a QA environment. Special testing tool automation and continuous integration tool must be used to achieve this integration to provide quality.

DevOps include cultural shift, damaged silo to the application build, test and deploy, in order to achieve quality by reducing deployment time. Thus, test automation is undoubtedly the secret of the success of DevOps.

What DevOps Best Practices to Follow?

Consider Infrastructure as Code (IAC):

This practice is used in various stages of DevOps. It is used to automate the infrastructure that is needed to remove the software. Typically, the infrastructure code written by the developer of the existing development tools.

The practice of Continuous Integration (CI):

In this practice, the tools related to configuration management (CM) is brought together with the development tools to explore whether the code being developed is ready for production or not. This practice involves continuous feedback from the testing and development teams, and thus be easier to solve the problems associated with the code.

Implement Test Automation:

To achieve the quality of the code, it is important to carry out routine testing practices. In DevOps test automation, developers can correct errors in the code development stage itself. Therefore, applying the test in order DevOps automation will speed SDLC. Also, there will be no need to repeatedly test cases to prevent bugs.

The main benefit of Test Automation

- Provide accurate test results and ensure the quality of deliverables

- Facilitate automate maximum step possible to automatically

- Increase the speed of test execution

- Provide immediate feedback to reduce costs quickly and efficiently repair defects

- Saving time is very great because the test cycle times shorter

- Removing the tedious tasks with automation tasks such as

- Frees up user testers (team) that can be used for other tasks

- Ensure all steps to maximize profits and minimize costs

- Parallel execution of tests helps in reducing time-to-live, which in turn is the core of the implementation of successful DevOps

- Test automation plays a key role in the Shift-Left approach because it opens the continuous testing throughout the SDLC reduce feedback and costs associated with testing

The software testing process has taken a shift-left approach for a while now, where the test was run in parallel with the development of approaches utilizing CI / CD. With agile and DevOps anywhere, automation tests need to be adopted by each company to achieve quality with speed.

Sapizon technology has profound knowledge and the ability to perform test automation and DevOps has delivered significant cost savings to the client. Sapizon’Test technology Automation Framework (Tx-Automate) helps in drastically reducing the effort to kick-start the automation and offers a fully operational test automation solution.

Tx-Automate further helps in improving the quality and consistency of testing by removing all possible user errors and improve test coverage by creating a more efficient testing process to ensure quality with speed. Connect with our Test Automation experts to take advantage of next-gen service our QA.

Virtual Reality App Development Agency



Teleworking a reality that is growing in almost every sector including customer service. Organizations find ways to reduce the workload for HR and make the recruitment process more transparent. When you understand the cause of the problem, you can build a targeted solution. Walk-ins are very time consuming. The candidates from remote locations should strive to attend the interview session. It has always been a bottleneck for the HR department to manage. Digital transformation in HR services have made quite simple keep the organization forward in time.

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Employing digital

Companies that come with the tools and software to make the process very easy for candidate recruitment. A cloud-based hiring tool will allow recruiters and consultants to easily and affordably find, evaluate, and organize the prospective employee over. innovative assessment and filtering techniques will help to provide a 360-degree holistic view of the applicants above.

For example, in Sapizon Tech , Digital Employing system asks applicants to record videos of themselves talking about their interest and motivation for the role. This video was uploaded with the details necessary for online job applications. After getting the HR team interview shortlisted candidates and even perform required tests via video call. Applicant ended only visited us once place for the final interview face to face with their potential boss. Therefore, without the hassle, the recruitment process will be completed.

Twenty years ago, a resume is a piece of paper but now, it is the source for all candidate data. This data has been collected from online platforms, such as participation in online communities, conferences and meet-ups and social media groups, corporate websites, etc. All are being stored in a centralized repository of cloud-based organization. HR teams can assess whether a person will fit, and learn if he has the right skills for the job requires. Candidates are also aware of employment opportunities and make it easier for HR managers their potential to employ them by using the online profile, portfolio of digital and social media. Save time, energy and reduce costs for both employers and potential employees.

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Organizations reduce the workload by introducing a Learning Management System (LMS) or Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) in the training process. The candidates are given access to an application in which all information relating to the organization and processes are stored. They can only access the information in the form of articles and getting ready for training. The user experience can be moderated. Therefore, the candidates will see what organizations they want to see. This secure data and ensure the correct skillset for candidates. It helps the candidates to trigger their knowledge of the process by self systematic study while on board. As a result, reduce the cost and time to the organization.

Not only digital learning aid in training, but also compliment the digital transformation of the HR process, leaving the HR personnel with more time to focus on important things. With tools such as interactive decision tree or how-to guides, employees can find a way out of the simple HR question and the process itself.

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Human resources market has expanded greatly at this time, thanks to the integration of technology. Forbes shows that the global HR management sector is set to reach 30 billion by 2025. It is not surprising at all. The application of technology in HR process has opened a new window for potential employees. The importance of cloud in human resource management is a growing reality. The possibility to manage jobs in the digital platform is not only close the gap between employees and employers, but also significantly increased earnings.

For example, in Japan, many companies use the mobile application platform to manage temporary workers. This system has benefited organizations such as reduced costs, access to databases great work, demand special skills and greater and easier collaboration.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is to change the management of human resources significantly. Currently the company is looking to experiment in the recruitment process. They try to do a bit of socialization gamification. Soon, the candidates are no longer just asked how they would behave in certain situations. But they will be allowed to live in virtual reality: when it will be possible to evaluate their competence and their behaviour in concrete situations. HR teams are already using VR for training purposes.


digital transformation goal to make agile human resource management. Organizations who are ready to adopt new methods of technology will keep themselves ahead of time. In addition, this method contributes to the reduction of risks and responsibilities of the organization. labor laws are tricky, so take appropriate measures to keep digital records updated is very important to prevent any liability. A digitized ecosystem Human Resources Increase employee retention.

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Best IT Support Companies in London, UK


Clearly mark it Time to Change Providers IT.

Where once even thought only changing IT provider will send you into a tail spin cloud hosting has made it much less of a challenge. If you experience disappointment in the way the IT partner you handle your needs might be time to jump ship and find someone who will give you good service your request.

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Along with the fresh outlook of new IT providers need up-to-date with the latest solutions that will allow your company to grow, minimize risk and improve efficiency.


Some signs that it is time to look elsewhere for IT support are:


Disadvantages Pro activeness


In addition to responding to your requests quickly, you have to be proactive IT partner to inform you and reduce the risk of problems before they occur. By constantly analyzing reports proactive IT providers must explore the potential problems and solve them before your business is affected. monitoring and regular maintenance is very important, and you have a right to expect this from your IT partner.

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A good IT providers must ensure that your business can work without interruption. All patches, security updates and hot fixes to be seamlessly installed in the background, when and as often as necessary to ensure the server, desktop, hosted desktops and applications secure and up to date.


Recurring Problems?


One main goal of hiring an IT specialist in the first place is to hopefully avoid interference with normal daily business functions but also to quickly and efficiently resolve issues that arise so that disruption kept to a minimum. If you find yourself facing the same problems time after time despite being told that it had been fixed, the IT provider you do not do everything in their knowledge to find the cause of the problem and address it properly.

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Disadvantages Value for Your Business:


A good IT partner must be able to anticipate and recommend technologies that will add value to your business at the right time. If your IT provider are not conversant with the specific needs of your business they may not make a recommendation.

No Understanding Your Industry


IT Provider of any value will not only be able to provide support at the level of general business but also to address the specific needs of your business. They must have a thorough knowledge of your business functions and how these technologies you use productivity and efficiency impact. Failing to understand the specific needs of your business / industry are reason enough, without considering one other point, to put your IT support needs in the hands of the new provider.

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Your Business Lacks Security


Today more than ever the security of your business is the most important. cyber attacks are rampant because it is you and your clients / customers should be safe in the knowledge that all sensitive information is secure at all times.


Your IT provider will be versed in dealing with people like phishing attacks, email spam, viruses, malware and more, and can instruct you and your staff in techniques that will ensure this attack is not a problem.


You Have No Confidence in their Disaster Management Plan


Disasters happen to even the savviest business, both physical and computer related. Even a small electrical fire can have disastrous consequences. While you take precautions to prevent the catastrophe could come into action as simple as someone stealing copper wire from the outside of the building and cause your business to grind to a halt.

It's important that not only is there a plan disaster relief in place before a disaster strikes, but also that as soon as you notify your IT partner for the disaster they immediately spring into action and minimize the damage, provide solutions and get your business up and running again as soon as possible. You should be confident in their ability to provide you with a complete backup of the entire file system so that you can work from a remote location through your building habitable again, should the need occur off-site work. Your IT partner must be able to clearly spell out how they fit into your business continuity plan, and if they can not it is a sure sign that it is time to look for a new provider.

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Communication Skills shortages and the Personal Touch

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Pair your IT should provide you with the contact person for all day-to-day communication. You do not have to be transferred from party to party until the person who is assigned to your account reached. They should contact you before you need to contact them if there is a problem. You must be able to communicate with them in the event that you both understand no matter how technical problem was. If you can build a relationship with your IT people will make it easier to contact them. He / she needs to be friendly and helpful at all times no matter how small the problem might seem to them. Regular strategy meeting should be par for the course to ensure that you and your IT partner is struggling to achieve the same goal.


1 IT specialists in the private sector and charity, is dedicated to providing solutions before they become necessary. In the event of a disaster, one IT will have you up and running as normal again within 2 hours with the ability to work from the most recent backup while waiting to resume normal function. This is our promise to you!

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What DNS encryption, what does it do for your business cybersecurity and why should you care?


Simply put, the DNS encryption makes it harder for snoopers, hackers, cyber criminals or a threat actor, to look into or damaged your DNS messages while they are in transit. So, when you're wondering what DNS encryption, what does it do for cybersecurity business and why you should care, because it keeps your privacy and data secure online

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Why is a quick look at the past helps us to understand the present

OK, so imagine for a moment that the DNS is to translate system bridges the gap between people (using the domain name) and a computer (using the IP address) of the world. Now imagine that the 'wiring' of the translating system has an error, in that it does not have built-in security and put internet users are at risk.


In fact, it was only the proliferation of DNS attacks and violations around the world that help to raise awareness of this deep-rooted problem.

Choosing between Office 365 Business and Corporate Plans

Now, as the web moved on to the encrypted HTTPS encrypted HTTP (S means secure), now there is an upgrade to the DNS protocol that encrypts and encrypts DNS DNS itself will improve your privacy.

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How DNS servers work

DNS servers basically works like this: every time you type a search or domain name of a website into your browser, your machine follow a series of steps in order for it to convert your request into an IP address that allows you to access certain websites , And this happens every time you wish to stream online content, send email or check the website.


When you type in a search term or a domain name into your browser, the first thing your device to do is look at the DNS cache (which acts as a store for all DNS information devices you have searched and inquired in the past) to see if it's there. Otherwise, the device will put fresh DNS request, based on your search terms or domain name, go out to the web and bring you a response.


Why DNS server encryption matters

increased security


First and foremost, the DNS server is encrypted improve online security by ensuring that all DNS requests through a specific server, so that individuals and businesses are better protected against any external attack. This is especially beneficial for small and medium enterprises, who can not always afford to implement the latest cybersecurity measures.

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increased control


DNS servers provide additional benefit to be able to block access to certain sites on the device in your home or office network. As a result, you can protect your children or your business associates of looking and seeing inappropriate content. There was even a public DNS server (such as OpenDNS, for example), which can help you take advantage of these features for greater peace of mind is.


increased flexibility


DNS can help you to access web content limited, for example, outside the boundary to you because of the region or country where you live or work.


As Internet censorship is usually achieved by blocking access to certain sites via an ISP's DNS, simple way to cut this by changing the DNS server using your computer. Alternatively, some DNS servers achieve the same results by changing your IP address with one of them, thereby deceiving the site is restricted to think that you are really in an area where access to content is allowed.

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improved speed


Changing your DNS server and not change your ISP, it can be a simple, quick and cost effective way to increase the speed of your network, browsing and downloading.


As a bonus, there are tools that can help you check whether your DNS server is now up to speed and recommend the DNS server that better suit your needs.


What are the next steps in DNS security and potential pitfalls

As mentioned above, in the early days of the DNS server they go unencrypted communications so they are vulnerable to hackers. One way that has been developed to protect them is to secure DNS operations over HTTPS, a process known as Doh, and introduced a few years ago. Already branded web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox exploit Doh.


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a great way to speed up a slow Windows PC

Traditionally, DNS queries and replies are sent in plain text. However, it does have the advantage of allowing the Security Operations Center (SOC) team overseeing a larger, enterprise networks can easily monitor the domain in question and block users from accessing malicious websites. So even though they are plain text DNS requests is less personal they provided valuable intelligence for them oversee the security of the network.


How could the same loss of visibility of security lacking

But now, with the introduction of the DoH and DNS requests are encrypted via HTTPS protocol, communication can be more easily malware disguised as normal HTTPS traffic, making it more difficult to detect.


The irony will not be lost on you - DNS encryption via HTTPS strengthen some protection but actually weakens the others!


Do not worry though, because it mainly affects larger network of, a large blue chip companies, rather than small and medium businesses here in London or elsewhere.

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Why you can not rely on its own DNS encryption

These days, cybersecurity is a mission critical issue for businesses of all sizes, in every sector, in London and beyond. Let us give you some idea of ​​the scale of the cybersecurity threats facing your company. Recent research by Hiscox insurance business, found that a small business in the UK managed to hack every 19 seconds. That adds up to 65,000 attempts to hack the small to medium business (SMB) in this country every day, and about 4,500 of their attacks succeed.

The bottom line is that you have to invest in a variety of security measures to protect the IT infrastructure, data, IP and confidential customer information. Using the DNS server is not encrypted hack against determined hackers.


Of firewall and anti-virus to detect the end point and the response (EDR) tool, you need an affordable, suitability, best in class multi-layered security solution to protect your assets against cyber criminals and threats continue to evolve and become any more sophisticated.


Where to turn for IT security solutions win awards and suggestions

Here, in the totality of our highly experienced services and specialist cybersecurity expert and we are committed to keeping secure the technology and data so as to provide business continuity, productivity and profitability you need to succeed today and tomorrow.


As a leading and award winning team managed IT support for London, we have received the Gold Trusted Feefo service award twice in the last two years, plus a five-star customer service rating of TrustPilot and Google, as well as client retention rate of 98%.


So if you want to know more about the best way to protect your IT, data, IP and private customer information, why not have a confidential, no obligation chat with us about your cybersecurity requirements?

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Agile Testing Services

 Agile Testing Services

Sapizon Technologies offers a unique blend of agile software testing expertise to the company a good time at the waterfall and convert them to Agile development methodologies, as well as people with a variety of hybrids and popular Agile methodology like Scrum and Kanban. Our in-depth experience in various industries gives us the ability to tailor and optimize Agile with the specific needs of each client based on the context of their organization.

Using Agile Testing Methodology

Static, complex software is no longer an option for companies competitive; it is important to develop a process that the new code to quickly iterate and release new features while ensuring high quality. As a result, many companies have turned to Agile development methodology, which focuses on rapid iteration and constant evaluation to produce software that is flexible, robust and stable. But to understand the value of Agile does not guarantee easy adoption by the development team - adapting the traditional QA process for Agile environment is not something you learn from books, but skills and culture developed through experience.


Converting to nimble team has a challenge not only to adapt the process and think differently, but also behave differently. Sapizon Technologies offers a unique blend of agile software testing methodology expertise in the development of hybrid waterfall to Agile. Our in-depth experience in various industries gives us the ability to customize and optimize an agile methodology in testing with the needs of each client.


Does Agile Testing?

In the life cycle of the traditional software development projects, test plans play a very important role. In the early stages of the project, the testing team to sit together and put together a strategy test while discussing the scope of testing is based on the requirements specification to ensure that all the important features mentioned in the specification will be tested. They then discuss which tests what and when each stage of joint development test. The output of this process is related to the test plan with test cases and test acceptance.


In terms of quality assurance and testing, what changes when migrating from traditional workflows for Agile development? Instead of a detailed plan that explains step by step what to do and who should do it, Agile set the direction of the compass and ways to work with compass (user and the owner of the product) so you get to where you need to go. In Agile, waterfall activities reduced while some get larger, expand, change, and / or moving to a new order in the QA process. Most importantly, you need to be nimble about being agile. Adapting to the bumps in the road and the context of your project and organization.


Best Practices for sustainable Agile Testing

This process is essential for the life cycle of Agile testing. To ensure that you produce the highest quality software, testing can not be limited to the standard approach at the end of the development cycle. Instead, it must be a sustained effort to adapt to any Agile project unique.


In Sapizon Technologies, we employ our own set of Agile testing best practices. It was developed over many years of involvement and experience, and is built around four main areas:

People: high-quality software starts with high quality people who work in an environment that supports the growth and their adaptation to Agile. "The development team" in the context of Agile has many engineers perform whatever tasks they are able to do, when and where it is needed, rather than a fixed role.

Process: Agile means being agile. Every organization needs to implement its own version of Agile depending on their software, structure and culture. The term, Agile Software Testing, needs careful thought in determining the breadth and depth of the entire process. At first, it means thinking about acceptance tests and user stories. Moments later, it means executing the software to see that passed acceptance tests.

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Products: The products work delivered in short iterations allow feedback and quick adaptation. This is the key to success.

User: The user is king. Delivering and then listen to what they say. Focus on the acceptance test from a user perspective.

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Agile Testing Methodology and Approach Sapizon Technologies s

QA We understand the challenges that can arise when implementing environmental testing in Agile Communication larger scale Agile projects with globally distributed teams; combining planning and risk avoidance; accounting for the loss of time and budget management control; maintain flexibility in planning; and do not get side-tracked by the speed of delivery on quality software. Using a collaborative network-based approach, Sapizon Technology defines clear, common goal and purpose in all the team both internally and client side to improve the speed, quality software and customer satisfaction of users - which resulted in the involvement of stakeholders to the metrics that matter. Fully transparent updates and reports shared with a strong focus on immediate feedback, analysis and action. metrics we provide:

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The information used to target improvement - minimize mistakes and rework

Evaluation aims to actionable takeaways - help our clients utilize resources effectively

Insights for process optimization - predicting the likelihood of a problem; allows the client to rectify defects sooner rather than later reduce overall costs

Agile Testing Metrics - Go For Quality Before Velocity

For Agile development methodology and agile testing process, many supporters to "working software" say there is no need for metrics. They may even be said that the initial defect tracking is a waste of effort. But just because you "Agile" does not mean there is no need to track or business size. When the speed takes precedence over quality, how quality end products guaranteed?


If you're an organization that uses the Agile development process, you generally focus on two key objectives Agile: quality software (free of defects) and velocity (speed). To effectively achieve these objectives requires measurement and accountability. The metrics that help you figure out how to go faster or find out where you are slow to support the goals of your Agile. However, our experience

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show that just will not result in quality for speed. Go for quality typically results in greater speed. When implementing software quality metrics, you must first understand the purpose of the metric and who will use it. Metrics will be used to measure or assess the process? Whether to describe the level of quality in the software product, or impetus toward specific goals? QA manager typically wants to give a productivity metric, while management may want to look at metrics that support a customer or user satisfaction or associated costs (ROI) initiative.


By using metrics in agile testing, we can predict what will we get. Insight into what to measure and how to link metrics to achieve the goal of real Agile presented in a White Paper in which you will learn about:


key ingredients to repair long-term success with metrics

The essential parts of the process to measure in Agile and why

How to connect with the goal of Agile metrics

How to interpret Agile metrics by looking glass

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